1. Connect with your Higher Self to heal past experiences
    Thursday Jan. 18, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Find what is blocking you in the present and which past experience needs healing, and allow yourself to move past the hurt so you can get on with your life. Access your higher self through guided meditation to discover what is holding you back and forgive, release, and heal the past through a guided release technique. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  2. Remove blockages for self-acceptance
    Thursday January 25, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Identify your core beliefs about yourself and life and remove blockages related to these negative beliefs through guided meditation and achieve greater self-acceptance of yourself. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  3. Release yourself from your family karma
    Thursday February 8, 2018 - 7h to 8hPM Repair and release energetic ties from your ancestors. Heal any of the 7 karmic shadows written in our family's history through guided meditation. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  4. Living from the Heart in this time of Extremes
    Thursday February 1, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Expand your heart's energy and learn to live a fulfilled life through love and compassion. Guided group meditation to send loving energy to a part of the world in need. Cost:$20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
Evelyne Paulauskas
Healing Facilitator & Spiritual Coach 
Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Intuitive
Facilitatrice de guérison & Coach
Spirituel Naturothérapeute intégrée, Maître 
                              Reiki/Professeure, Médium


Heal & find True Happiness
Live a Life of Balance & Harmony 


Guérissez et trouvez le vraie Bonheur
Vivez une vie d'Équilibre et d'Harmonie 
"Evelyne has helped me with my physical and emotional pain.  My blood work indicates my glucose levels are back to normal after 4 years (from 15 down to 3.9).  I feel the shackles have been removed and I can finally rise above the negativity.  I am empowered and feel a shift has occured in my life. I am so grateful to her!"  ~ Pauline, B.C. Canada 
  1. Reiki
    Boost your body's self-healing ability, relax and relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, and balance the energies in your body. 90 minutes/ $90
  2. Reiki
    Rehaussez la capacité d'autoguérison de votre corps, détendez-vous et soulagez le stress, renforcez votre système immunitaire. 90 minutes/ 90$
  3. Chakra Balancing
    Bring your chakras back to their healthy state by balancing them. Both Reiki and Energy Medicine can be used as well as crystals and sound healing. 30 minutes/$60 Walk away with a crystal of your choice - $75
  4. Équilibrage des chakras
    Rammenez vos chakras à un état sain. Le Reiki et la médecine énergétique peuvent être utilisé, ainsi que cristaux et vibrations. 30 minutes/ 60$ Avec un cristal de votre choix / 75$
  5. Energy Healing
    Different techniques are used intuitively to bring your body's energetic systems back into a balanced state. Relieve or improve any illness, relieve pain and headaches, improve your memory and digestion, balance hormones, release stress and anxiety, and alleviate depression, cope with electromagnetic pollution, and stop the onset of illnesses by returning your body to its natural state of well-being. 90 minutes/ $140
  6. Guérison énergétique
    Différentes techniques sont utilisées intuitivement pour ramener les systèmes énergétiques de votre corps à leur équilibre naturel. Soulagez ou améliorez une maladie, la douleur et maux de tête. Améliorez votre mémoire, digestion, réduisez le stress et l'anxiété, dépression et pollution électro-magnétique, arrêtez l'apparition d'une maladie en ramenant votre corps à son état naturel de bien-être. 90 minutes /140$
Treatment is non-invasive and does not interfere with conventional treatements, and are meant to complement other medical approaches. 

Medical treatment in the case of a known illness should not be stopped or replaced in its entirety. 

These services are eligible for insurance receipts (member of the Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherapists of Canada.) 
Les traitements sont non invasif et n'interfère pas avec les traitements conventionnels, et sont destiné à compléter d'autres approches médicales.

Le traitement médical dans le cas d'une maladie connue ne doit pas être arrêté ou remplacé dans son intégralité.

Ces services sont admissibles aux reçus d'assurance (membre de l'Académie des naturopathes et naturothérapeutes du Canada.)

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